Welcome to NdiEbeo.Net, the website dedicated to dialog and restoration of the forgotten history of Bnei Yisrael in West Africa.

We outline the forgotten past of Hebrew Israelites who ruled West Africa, while clearing up some of the confusion of modern day history regarding the presence of Judeans in West Africa “Reverse Exodus. Our primary focus are Judean tribe like the Igbos whom are a mixed of ancient Israelites. Contemporary historians and researchers are now beginning to acknowledge the presence of Yehudim “Jews” in Africa since antiquity. For example, the igbo presence in West Africa go as far back as 3000 years.

Answering the IGBO Question; Who Are the Igbos? Until recent, Igbo History have eluded scholars for many years. Although for some, this is something they all know too well. An oral tradition was passed down by traditions and the sayings of ancient Igbos to their children. Today, however, there is enough evidence to support the oral tradition regarding the origin of the Igbos. The evidence links the Igbo directly to house of Jacob ‘Ikeobi”, who is the progenitor of the ancient Israelites. One of the greatest mysteries in solving the Igbo question would now lean to understanding the West African civilization and its history at large.

The Igbo oral traditions when compared with that of their West African brethren, precedes with a thousands years or less. With that, we are now only beginning to scratch the surface in understanding the Igbos and their migration to the Africa. One more question; What was this continent before it was called Africa? Some might suggest that Africa is nothing less than an extension of kingdom of ancient land of Israel. We see in ancient African Map, that the historic locations of the bible come to live. Since the Igbo migration predates most of their West African brethren, it is nonetheless isolated. It is now a common fact that there were strong Israelites present in West Africa prior to the 19th century. We encourage dialog on a history that is almost erased, ignored and forgotten. (Isaiah 11:11-16 fulfilled).